Our Products

Our suite of APIs enables subscription providers to easily build great content experiences.

  • Bundles

    Offer additional subscriptions in your checkout experience

    Why use Bundles?

    Our bundling solution makes it easy for publishers to connect subscription products under a single user account. Increase the value of your average cart size and offer discounts in the checkout experience.

    The goal is to help you provide your audiences a better paid product. As an anchor publisher you can give them complimentary access to other sites. Give them discounts when they purchase multiple subscription products. Include other publisher sites or other digital products.

    As a network publisher, you can boost subscriptions to your paid products by including it as an option to be bundled with anchor brands. You have full control over which publishers and partners get to feature your product.

  • Checkout

    Transform your existing or new checkout experience

    Why use our Checkout?

    Users are 40% more likely to purchase an additional item at checkout, than if offered as a standalone product. Our supercharged checkout experience allows publishers to transform the purchasing experience.

    With our built in network of over 100+ partners, publishers are able to easily plug-in supplemental products to their checkout flows, increasing the value of their cart.

  • eAuth

    Allows your users to bypass the paywall wherever they are on the web

    Why use eAuth?

    Our core mission is to make it easier for users to access content...which is why we built eAuth. Users immediately access paid content on their social feeds and news readers.

    The number of places where users consume content will only continue to grow as new IOT devices are introduced and more specialized distribution channels emerge. Granting access on all of these channels was both challenging and complex...until now.

  • Paywall

    Enterprise Paywall implemented in less than 5 minutes

    Why use Paywall?

    Our Javascript based paywall module will allow for consumers to pay for only the desired categories of content.

    Our patent pending content grid allows you to create customized and unique paid products. Our offer system allows you to customize messaging, prices and descriptions of each of those packages.

    By offering more and different packages of paid content, you would convert more of your free readers and watchers into paid consumers.

  • Native

    View all the premium content you can handle

    Why use Native?

    The native platform offers an unlimited feed of paid content across the web in one location. In addition, users are able to configure the content they want to consume and the notifications on real-time news with push and email notifications.

    It also allows for consumers to discover and access new premium content without the noise and distraction.

    Use our native platform as a way to give your subscribers or members a premium experience.

  • Recirc

    Engage with premium subscribers across the web

    Why use Recirculation?

    Our recirculation module distributes your subscriptions in more places and suggests paid products to users engaging with premium content across the web. Leverage over 100+ partner sites to distribute your premium offerings across over 100M monthly unique visitors.

    For your consumers, it allows them to easily navigate subscription products across the web that they might be interested in. Any purchases that happen on your site drive incremental revenue for your business.

    Use the network to increase the number of people that see your paid product by placing it on other publisher sites. Increased traffic; increased revenue.